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Forex Currency Pairs

Forex is the most popular global financial market due to its accessibility, high liquidity and options for making both investment and speculative profit. And the currency pairs are the most attractive financial instruments for professional market participants and novices.


Why Investing in the Forex Market

  • Low entry threshold
  • Nonstop trading 24/5
  • Possible profit on both rising and falling assets
  • High volatility for efficient short, medium and long term trading


Conditions for Trading Currency Pairs with Bolmax

Bolmax Management provides all the necessary options for making your forex trading the most comfortable and profitable.

  • Wide range of instruments:37 currency pairs available for trading.
  • Free choice of strategies:you may efficiently use pending orders, scalping strategies and trading robots irrespective of the trading account type.
  • Low trading costs:spreads for all instruments are floating starting from 0.3 pips.
  • High profitability with minimum investment:on Forex you may use leverage up to 1:100 and start trading with the deposit of only 100 EUR.

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