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Contracts for difference on stocks are a lucrative choice compared to classical instruments of the stock market. CFDs provide opportunities for both short and long term profiting on security’s price change. The difference between the current and future price of the contract makes traders’ profit.

Today almost all securities are traded online. Classical paper shares provide the right to vote at the shareholders’ meetings and to receive dividends that are typically 4-5% per annum, but require significant time spent on re-registration when buying and selling. And the commission fee for the purchase of classical shares is significantly higher than for transactions with CFDs. So modern investors, who are not interested in gaining control over the company, prefer to use CFDs as the most efficient investment instrument and to profit on price difference.


Why Trade CFD on Stocks

  • Significantly lower commissions than when working with direct instruments of the stock market
  • Lighter margin requirements due to trading without transfer of the ownership on the underlying asset
  • No long re-registration procedure required when buying and selling classical shares
  • Options for trading instruments of the stock market with rather small capital
  • Profiting on both rising and falling market prices


Conditions for Trading CFDs with Bolmax

Bolmax Management provides you the access to the liquid securities of the leading global exchanges on the most comfortable conditions.

  • Highly liquid instruments:  18 CFDs on the New York Stock Exchange and Moscow Exchange are available for trading.
  • Lucrative trading conditions:trading costs are minimized and the leverage for CFD trading varies from 1:5 till 1:20.
  • Direct access to the interbank market:all trading orders are processed straight through.
  • Comfort: derivative instruments of the stock market, currency pairs, metals, energy and indices are traded from a joint account.

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