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Bank metals are traditionally considered safe heaven assets. Their price correlates with the rates of the basic world currencies and shows macroeconomic situation in general, what makes metals lucrative for investment and hedging transactions with the instruments of the stock and currency markets.

Another factor contributing to the popularization of metals, particularly gold, among traders is more simple analyzing technology. Every significant event in terms of fundamental analysis affects the price of gold and provides traders the opportunity to open an order on this movement. At the same time on Forex one needs to monitor at least three currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY in order to cover all possible movements in Europe, Asia, America and UK.


Why Trading Metals

  • Minimum risks
  • High liquidity
  • Simplified analyzing process
  • Options for using information in analyzing trends on other markets


Conditions for Trading Metals with Bolmax

Bolmax Management offers its clients volatile and liquid metals: Gold, Silver, Plat and Pall on the most loyal conditions.

  • Strategy choice:when trading metals you may use the benefits of all possible trading strategies including scalping.
  • Access the highly liquid instruments of the commodity market with small investment:when trading metals you may choose comfortable leverage size up to 1:50 and use a minimum amount of money as collateral for your transactions.
  • Easy integration with the customary trading systems: metals are traded on a joint account in MetaTrader4.

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