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Building a competent team is one of the main priorities of the Bolmax Management Company. Every member of our staff is a true professional, an enthusiast of the business and a leader in their chosen field.


  • Are you an expert in finance, investment, IT, law, management, marketing, human resource and want to join a team of like-minded people?

We are ready to offer you interesting tasks, new challenges, support in the implementation of all projects and decent pay.


  • Are you at the beginning of your professional career, but have already set ambitious goals and are ready to develop in order to become a leader?

We will gladly welcome you to the Bolmax team and provide you with all the opportunities for self-realization, acquisition of the necessary skills, talent development and maximizing your potential.

We would like to see among our employees, energetic people with an active lifestyle, who are willing to learn, to attain more and more professional highs, to work in a team and to take personal responsibility.

Please send your CV and cover letter to: If we have a suitable vacancy, we will contact you and invite you to join the Bolmax team in your region.

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