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Medium-term investments – are investments with the expected return of the initial capital and the receipt of investment income in the period from 1 to 3 years.


Medium-term investment is a good option for:

- those who want to reasonably reduce the investment risks and at the same time reap the benefits of their investment in the near future

- those who can withdraw funds from their budget for a sufficiently long period, but psychologically not ready to wait to receive profits for so long


Advantages of the medium-term investment

  1. Balanced approach to risk and revenue ratio on investment.
  2. Ability to make a profit from investments in undervalued assets due to the increased length of transactions.
  3. Effective use of a variety of investment strategies, including less aggressive compared to short-term investments.
  4. More flexible investment management opportunities in comparison with the long-term investment in unstable economic situations.


Disadvantages of medium-term investment

  1. The average potential yield: the investment transactions last not long enough to make a profit from the underlying market trends or either lasts too long to fully enjoy the benefits of the aggressive strategies and investments in high volatile instruments.


Medium-term investment instruments and assets

Among the typical, though not the most profitable medium-term investment instruments, there are bank deposits and unallocated bullion accounts. Higher yields in the average time horizon are made by investments in investment funds and open-end funds. Financial instruments that are most suitable for medium-term investment are government securities, stocks, currency pairs, CFDs and futures, energy products, primarily oil, precious metals and stock indices.

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