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Long-term investment – is an investment with the expected repayment of the initial capital and the receipt of investment income during the period of 3 years or more.


Long-term investment is a good option for:

- investors, less tolerance to risks

- those who are not willing to devote much time to manage their investments

- people who feel psychologically uncomfortable waiting to receive benefits from investment for too long

- those who do not only want to secure their future, but also to create the financial basis for their children and grandchildren


Advantages of long-term investment

  1. Prospect of higher income due to significant growth of the asset value in the future, in particular this applies to investment in construction, real estate and works of art, as well as investment in securities.
  2. Ability to use deep, powerful and long-term trends in the financial markets for high investment returns.
  3. Preparation of additional regular income from the ownership of investment assets, for example, dividends from shares.
  4. Ability to effectively use both high and low-risk investment strategies.
  5. Reducing the risk of high volatility and low liquidity in comparison with the short-term investment.


Disadvantages of long-term investment

  1. Inability to use investment income to improve the quality of life today or for profitable reinvestment in the foreseeable future.
  2. Lack of investment management flexibility.


Long-term investment assets and instruments

Long-term investment objects often stand for real assets – capital goods, works of art and buildings. The most accessible and popular type of long-term investment among private is real estate. Among financial investment objects, suitable for long-term investments, there are securities, particularly shares of high-tech and energy companies, as well as precious metals. The most effective instruments for long-term investments are investment funds.

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