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Financial investments – is an investment in financial instruments in order to make investment profits. The most common instruments here are: securities, stocks, bonds, promissory notes, financial derivatives – options, forwards, futures contacts, contracts for difference (CFDs).


Functions of financial investment

Financial investments are used by enterprises of the real sector of the economy with two major purposes: to receive additional investment income in the use of free cash assets and to provide their anti inflationary protection.

Financial investment allows individuals to effectively invest in financial markets assets for multiplying their savings, minimizing inflation and currency risks of personal funds.


Financial investment is a good option for:

  • investors with any capital amount, including small investors
  • those who want to receive investment income without paperwork, additional costs and time spent on managing, typical to real investment
  • those who want to quickly return their investments and use the extracted investment income at their discretion
  • people who consider it necessary in each transaction to choose a convenient investment horizon from 1 day to several years


Advantages of financial investment

  1. The financial investment possesses a wider range of financial instruments compared to real investment with a different range of “risk-yield” scale and allows to implement any investment policy: from very conservative to very aggressive.
  2. The majority of financial investment instruments are traded on the financial markets being available to a wide range of private investors.
  3. All of these instruments are highly liquid and can be used with equal efficiency for investment in different time horizons.
  4. The financial assets value is changing rapidly under the influence of various market factors, offering the potential for high investment revenues.
  5. In contrast to the real assets, the financial investment instruments do not involve additional costs during their possession.
  6. Modern systems of collective and mutual investments make financial investments affordable even for small capital holders.


Disadvantages of financial investment

  1. Financial investments often involve high risks, particularly the risk of liquidity loss or the risk of increasing volatility.
  2. The competent self-management of the financial investment requires a certain set of basic knowledge of financial markets.

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