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A Trust Fund – is a specialized company, which manages the funds and assets of clients in order to increase the cost and receive the investment profits.


A Trust fund, in fact, is the investment instrument which combines the advantages of investment funds and individual asset management.


Trust Funds are a good option for

  • people who need a selective approach to the preparation of investment portfolios;
  • investors who are aimed at receiving income in any market and global economy situation;
  • those who want to use the whole variety of financial instruments in order to receive the investment profits;
  • those who are focused on legal protection of investments at the highest possible level of profit.


Advantages of Trust funds

  1. In contrast to the individual trust management, the assets are managed by experts, acting not as a private person but as an official employee of the fund. The manager’s competence is guaranteed by the fund.
  2. The relationship of the investor and the fund are fixed in the official contract.
  3. In contrast to the classical mutual investment fund, a trust fund is not limited to the assets of the investment, it can quickly reallocate investments depending on the current market situation, invest high volatile instruments in particular.
  4. An investor can choose the investment terms which are the most appropriate to achieve his goals.
  5. Unauthorized withdrawal of investor funds and profit is impossible.
  6. Investments in the trust fund do not lose their effectiveness, even in situations of economic crisis, because the functioning mechanism of such fund makes it possible to make profits both from growth and fall of the market.


Disadvantages of Trust funds

  1. Risks volatility and liquidity are at a pretty high level.
  2. Such fund does not provide personal contact between the manager and the investor. Communication occurs only through specially authorized personnel.
  3. The asset management implies the payment of fees, which are often higher than when working with individual managers. However, due to guaranteed high level of professionalism of the fund employees and legal security of investments, the final net profit of the investor is greater which eliminates this drawback.

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