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A PAMM account – a special form (or the functioning system) of a trade account allowing to manage your funds from other accounts. The term is derived from English – a PAMM Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM).

Technically, the mechanism of PAMM-accounts is the following: a manager opens a PAMM-account, deposits a certain amount, starts to attract investors who connect their accounts to the PAMM system. In fact, the manager makes a deal only on his account, but they are automatically duplicated on all the investment accounts connected to the system in accordance with the deposit of each of them. Profits or losses resulting from the manager’s operations are distributed proportionally to all accounts within the system, and the manager receives an additional fee for account management.

PAMM-accounts, as well as standard trading accounts, are opened in  a brokerage company and are suitable for operations with highly liquid instruments of the financial markets, especially with currency pairs, bullions, CFD. Thus, PAMM-accounts can be defined as a form of short-term speculative investment.


PAMM-accounts are a good option for: 

  • those who want to make a profit from trading in financial markets without taking part in the trading process
  • beginners, who are interested not only in investment, but also in monitoring the management process, adopting effective methods
  • investors who are aimed at making profits as fast as possible
  • people who are tolerant to risks posed to the margin trading in the financial markets, especially in forex


Advantages of PAMM-accounts

  1. The manager invests his own funds on an equal basis with investors, so he is personally interested in ensuring the PAMM-account’s profitability.
  2. The Manager has no actual access to investment accounts deposits and can not withdraw funds from them.
  3. Profit is displayed on the investor’s account balance immediately after the transaction and then it is reinvested, increasing the percentage of potential future income.
  4. The investor may increase the amount of investment or withdraw funds at any time.
  5. For maximum diversification of investments it is possible to connect to an unlimited number of PAMM-accounts of the various managers who prefer alternative trading strategies and financial instruments.
  6. The investor has an opportunity to observe the manager’s transactions in real time and, in case he is not satisfied, remove his account from the PAMM system.


Disadvantages of PAMM-accounts

  1. Investing in the PAMM-account is associated with high risks inherent in margin trading, including high volatility risk, low liquidity, currency and operational risks associated with the possibility of system and technical failures, as well as due to the influence of the “human factor”.
  2. The level of drawdown on the PAMM-account, and, therefore, the final loss is not limited, respectively, the investor not only risks the investment profits, but also all of his deposit accounts as a whole.
  3. In most cases, the manager of the PAMM-account is an individual, and his professional competence and honesty is not confirmed by anybody, unlike mutual funds, managed by experts.
  4. The manager is not legally liable for his actions – strictly speaking, all operations are performed on his own account with his own funds, which are only copied to the investors’ accounts.
  5.  There are no generally accepted standards for the percentage of the manager’s remuneration, the minimum duration of the connection to the PAMM-account, the size of the deposit and other conditions of work with the given investment instrument – everything is defined by the manager at his own discretion.

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