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An Asset –  is  the property and cash belonging to the enterprise. Assets are divided into tangible (buildings, structures, machinery and equipment, inventories, bank deposits, investments in securities, packages, promissory notes of other companies, special rights for resource use) and intangible (intellectual products, patents, promissory notes of other companies, special rights for resource use).


Volatility – is a statistical financial indicator describing  the tendency of price volatility. It is an important financial indicator and  concept in the financial risk management, which is a measure of risk of a financial instrument used for a specified period of time.


Diversification (Latin: diversus -different and asege – do) – is an allocation of invested or lent money capital between the different entities in order to reduce the risk of possible capital losses or gains from it.


A dividend ( Latin: dividends – subject to be divided) – is an amount of the company’s net profit to be distributed among the shareholders in accordance with the number of shares being in their possession.


Liquidity – is the possibility of converting the asset into cash. The liquidity of the financial market is usually measured by the number of transactions (trading volume) and the spread value – the difference between the maximum prices of bids for the purchase and sale orders on minimum prices. The more transactions and the smaller the difference, the greater the liquidity.


Financial Leverage, sometimes referred to as  leverage or gearing – the ratio of debt capital to equity. Financial leverage also implies an effect from the use of borrowed funds to increase the size of the operations and profits, while not having sufficient capital for this purpose. The ratio of debt capital to equity describes the degree of risk, financial stability.

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