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For each special offer the company sets certain terms. Furthermore, they are governed by the Bolmax Management General Regulations on Bonus Terms & Conditions.


General Regulations on Bonus Terms & Conditions.

  1. The bonus is wholly-owned by the company.
  2. The bonus amount cannot be put out from the trading account. In the case of funds withdrawal registration after receiving a bonus, the amount accrued as a bonus is deducted from the trading account.
  3. Profits, earned by using the bonus, can be reinvested or withdrawn from the trading account at any time.
  4. In case of violation of these conditions, terms and conditions of the specific offer and (or) in the case of fraud by the client, the company has the right to cancel the bonus and cancel the accrued bonus amount from trading account of the client.
  5. The employees of the company, their family members and affiliates do not have a right to use any special offer.
  6. By taking advantage of a special offer, the client automatically agrees with the terms and conditions of the respective offers, listed on the company’s website.
  7. The Company is entitled to waive a bonus to any customer at any time without explanation.
  8. The Company is entitled to amend the terms and procedure for all offers at any time by posting the current conditions in the relevant section Bolmax Management website.
  9. The Company is entitled to change the terms of the offer – extend or terminate all offer, at its own and sole discretion and at any time.
  10. All clients’claims, requests, suggestions and disputes relating to bonuses and special offers shall be submitted in writing by e-mail to:

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