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Bolmax Management offers you a handbook containing the most common Alerts of MetaTrader 4 trading platform, which impede  trading activities and raise questions to inexperienced traders.


Alert  “No connection” 

Meaning: your platform can not communicate with the trading server of the company.

Possible causes: Communication problems may be caused by the absence or malfunction of internet connection, anti-virus program or firewall blocking access to the server, closing the port 443 from your Internet service provider, settings failure for connecting to the server in the platform or the maximum permissible number of accesses to the server per day.

Problem-solving: First of all, check on the Internet connection settings and antivirus programs, contact your ISP. If problems are caused by exceeding the number of accesses to the server, it is recommended to change your trading strategy or the robot’s setting, and then please contacts the company. If you fail to connect to the server, ask Customer Support to provide you with a number of the server in a digital format and put it in the appropriate line in the terminal.


Alert  “Invalid account”

Meaning: Trading terminal can not find your specified trading account.

Possible causes: You are likely to make a mistake in an account number, password or trading server.

Problem-solving: Enter the data for access to the trading account once again, be sure to choose the correct language and do not hold down the Caps Lock. Make sure you specify the correct server: BML-live for a real account, BML-demo for a demo account. If none of the above actions can solve the problem, please contact our customer support.


Alert “Trade flow is busy “ 

Meaning: A request is not accepted.

Possible causes: Usually, this problem is related to the simultaneous sending an excessive number of requests to the server.

Problem-solving: Close the trading platform, and then enter it again and repeat a trade request.


Alert “The market is closed”

Meaning: The attempt of the transaction with the tool, which is currently not available for trade.

Possible Causes: Most likely, the inability to open, close or modify orders is caused by a work break of the relevant market. Break can be planned, corresponding to the market’s schedule, or related to weekends and holidays.

Problem-solving: Learn about    markets and exchanges schedule, as well as a calendar of national holidays of various countries and try again later.


Alert: «Margin Call»

Meaning: Warning about the lack of available funds on the account

Possible causes: You have opened too many trading positions, have not calculated the amount of the transaction or the price has gone in the opposite direction of your open position, and now the amount of free funds on your account may be insufficient to maintain the position. In Bolmax Management, margin call level is 80%.

Problem-solving: If the market continues to move against your position, upon reaching the free margin level of 70% , the transaction will be closed automatically, starting with the loss. To avoid this, deposit additional funds to your account or close some positions.

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