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We wish to draw your attention to a step by step guide on how to get started the cooperation with the company and how to consummate the first investment and trading operations  in the financial markets.


Step 1: Create your Personal and Trading Account

  • Click on “My Account” in the top right corner of the home page.
  • Select “Create your personal account.”
  • Fill in the form and set the password for your new Personal account
  • Enable the Personal account by clicking the link that was sent to your specified email address.

Click on «Open an Account” and select account settings, please read and accept regulatory documents, download color scanned copies of your  identity document (passport) – page with photo and registration and submit the application.

Your trading account  will be available within the next 24-48 hours, and the necessary access information will be sent to the specified Email.


Step 2: Deposit the trading account

  • Log in to Personal account and choose “Deposit”.
  • Fill in the appropriate fields with the payment details: number, trading account currency and the amount of transfer.
  • Get an email invoice containing the necessary bank information for payment.
  • Take the invoice and complete the transfer of funds from your bank account to the trading account in the company, or simply come in any bank near you, hand over the invoice and funds you want to invest in the financial markets. Please note: bank and correspondent bank commissions are deducted from the transferred amount.
  • The transfer of funds from the banks usually takes from 1 to 5 working days, but internally the payment is processed for 2 business days, after which the paid amount is credited to the client’s trading account.

You can make the first transactions and use the funds in the trading and investment activities, immediately after they are credited to your trading account.


Step 3: Install and launch the trade terminal

  • Enter the Company’s website, click on “Products”, “Platform” and then click “Download MetaTrader 4”.
  • Run the program file, accept the license agreement and start the installation.
  • Select the installation folder – usually the program is automatically installed in a directory, and then follow the wizard to complete the installation.
  • When the program is installed, log in to the trading platform, select the menu option “File – Login”, enter the data to access your trading account and select the server BML-live.

Now you can keep track of quotes of financial markets, analyze and make transactions using funds deposited to the trading account.


Step 4: Opening Order 

  • In”Market View», click on financial instruments – currency, metals, CFD shares or an index, right-click and select the menu option “Open an Order”.
  • In the new page select the parameters of the deal: the size of the contract – Lot and positions direction. If you think that the price of a financial instrument will go down soon, open order to sell (Sell), if you think that the price will rise – open order to buy (Buy).
  • Attach protective stop order that will automatically lock in profits and limit losses when the price reaches a specified level.

Set Stop Loss order at the loss level acceptable for you and Take Profit order at the desired maximum level of profit.

Your trading position is open! Next you need to observe the price development, follow the incoming indicator signals and choose the best time to close the deal and lock in your profits.


Step 5: Closing Order

  • Make sure that the order is not closed automatically by Stop Loss and Take Profit.
  • Click on «Trade» and select the deal you wish to close.
  • Click on it, right-click and select “Close an order”.

The financial result of the transaction will be displayed immediately in the balance of your trading account: profits will be added to the initial deposit, and you can use them in future transactions or withdraw from the account and spend them at your own discretion.


Step 6: Profit withdrawal 

  • Close all open trading positions.
  • Log in to Personal Account and select “Withdraw”.
  • Fill in the application form, indicating the account number, amount and currency of withdrawal, as well as your bank account. Note: funds can only be withdrawn to the bank account opened in your name.
  • Get the withdrawn amount on your bank account. At the same time the commission of the bank and correspondent banks may be deducted from the amount withdrawn.
  • Withdrawal applications within the company are processed within 1-5 business days, and the deadline for the receipt of funds depends on the your bank operation and, as a rule, also amounts to  1-5 working days.

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