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Standard Trading Account offers optimal conditions for medium- and long-term strategies, scalping, work with pending orders and sales advisors. Novice traders choose this type of account due to low initial deposit requirements, and professionals, in their turn, appreciate the opportunity to trade with floating spreads without additional fees.


Standard Account trading terms

Trading tools 37 currency pairs, metals, CFD on indices, stocks, oil and gas
Trading platform MetaTrader 4
Base account currency  EUR, USD
Minimum deposit  100 USD/EUR
Commission for  1 lot No fee
Minimum quarterly fee in the absence of trading operations on the account No fee
Execution state  Market Execution
Spread Floating from 0,5 pips *
IR accrual on idle funds No
Maximum leverage  1:100
Minimum order size in lots  0.1
Minimum order size in lots  100
Maximum open position number Unlimited
 Minimum order step size in lots  0,1
 Margin Call  80%
 Stop Out  70%
 SWAP**  Yes

* Bolmax Management reserves the right to adjust the spread value, depending on the market situation: in periods of high volatility and / or limited liquidity in the market.

** Transfer of open trading positions in the next day is carried out by accruals in form of  market swaps (SWAP). For rates and metals, a SWAP value is specified in paragraphs, CFD on shares value is indicated as a percentage on an annual basis. SWAP values can be either positive or negative. When transferring an open position overnight from Wednesday to Thursday, a swap is accrued  in triple size.


1 point is equal to:

  • minimal change in the 5th figure after the decimal point for currency pairs with 5 figures after the decimal point (0.00001);
  • minimal change in the 4th figure after the decimal point XAGUSD (0,0001)
  • minimal change in the 3rd figure after the decimal point for currency pairs with 3 figures after the decimal point (0.001);
  • minimal change in the 2nd figure after the decimal point: XAUUSD, XPDUSD, XPTUSD and CFD for US stocks (0.01);
  • minimal change in the 1st figure after the decimal point  for CFD on indices and Russian shares (0.1)

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