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Bolmax Management provides everything you need to make profits in the financial markets, and provides the highest levels of funds and personal information of our clients protection.


We appreciate your trust and constantly working to improve the safety of your investments, guarantee the confidentiality of data and  protection of the financial and trade transactions from fraud.


Today the Bolmax Management Company uses several effective methods of ensuring the information and funds security.

  • The fight against fiscal fraud, money laundering and financing of terrorism: all the accounts are verified to confirm the identity and place of residence of the client.
  • Protection from fraud when making payments: broker cooperates with reputable banks only, and client’s funds are accepted and displayed only on the holders’ personal bank account and the trading account.
  • Eliminate the possibility of intervention of third parties in the trading process: our clients are regularly provided with comprehensive reports on trading operations on their account.
  • Copy protection: The data, sent via a client’s Personal Account, is passed by the encrypted communication protocols.

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