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The Use of Scalping Strategies

The Company applies to market execution of orders on all types of accounts, which allows the client to display orders directly to the market and create the most favorable conditions of work with Scalping strategies.


The Use of Automated Trading Systems

The use of automated trading systems is allowed in the accounts of all types without obligation to notify the Company. In this case all trading orders received by the client platform, shall be considered to be sent by the Client, regardless of the fact whether the account is currently equipped with an automated trading system.


Connection, reconfiguration or disabling of trading robots, advisors, and other software shall be the responsibility of the Client.


The losses incurred by the Client as a result of failures in the software for automated trading or inefficient operation, are not grounds for cancellation of orders and restoration of the trading account balance.


Transfer of The Trading Account Management to Third Parties

The transfer of the trading account management to third parties is prohibited by these Regulations. In case of transfer of the Client trading account management to a third party (or trading account data without any management objectives), the Company does not take any responsibility for possible losses of the Client. The Company shall consider all the orders given to the Company through the platform as orders given by the Client personally.


If the Client forgot his trading account password, or in case of an unauthorized access to the trading account, the Client shall immediately notify the Company. However, the Company shall not be liable for losses of the Client, even if they arise after notifying the Company about the loss of a password or unauthorized access to the trading account.

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