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The Company offers  3 types of trading accounts.



Each client is allowed to have one trading account of each type. The maximum total number of accounts opened may not exceed three, provided that each trading account belongs to different types.


All trading accounts use Straight Through Processing system, and trade orders are processed and can be opened by means of Non Dealing Desk. Each trading account type possesses its special conditions on deposits, spreads and commission fees, trading strategies, leverage, Margin Call levels and automatically close positions – Stop Out.


The detailed trading conditions for each trading account  type can be found in the table comparing the types of trading accounts in the Company’s website.


Currencies and Minimum Deposits

All accounts regardless of the type can be opened in the following currencies: EUR, USD.

Requirements for deposits:

  • minimum deposit of Standard account type: 100 USD/EUR depending on the account currency.
  • minimum deposit of ECN account type: 5 000 USD/EUR depending on the account currency.
  • minimum deposit of ECN VIP account type: 50 000 USD/EUR depending on the account currency.


Minimum and Maximum Contrace Size

The minimum size of positions in all types of accounts is 0.1 lot.

The maximum size of the position is 100 lots. Minimum order volume step size  is 0.1 lot.

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