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To ensure maximum safety of our clients’ funds and to comply with the international requirements to combat money laundering obtained by criminal proceeds and financing of terrorism, the Bolmax Management Company verifies trading accounts and requests documentary proof of identity and address of their customers.


At the same time, respecting the highest standards of safety, we aim to keep the greatest possible ease of access and the most comfortable   working. Thus, our Company:

  • minimizes the list of required documents for verification
  • produces verification procedure of a trading account electronically, eliminating the need to send certified copies of documents, and documents submission in paper form


Documents for verification of accounts

Trading Account Verification occurs simultaneously with its opening and requires a minimum of documents, requested by all European banks to identify customers and make payments. Today, this set of documents includes passport details and copies of valid ID card of the client.


To complete the procedure, simply download the color scanned copies of  two pages of your passport: to your Personal Account

  • with photo and personal data
  • with registration of the place of residence (registration)


Please ensure that copies are made with high quality and all relevant information, including photos, is clearly visible.


Note: if necessary, at the request of the bank, the Company may ask the customer to provide any additional documents, including a copy of the page with photo and personal data of your passport, notarized copies of the relevant pages of identity documents (internal passports), duly signed Trade agreement, etc.


Verification procedure takes 2 working days. Once your documents are processed and approved, you will be notified by e-mail provided during registration of your trading account.

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