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Following changes in the trading schedule are to be done due to US Memorial Day and UK Spring Bank Holiday celebration on 30 of May 2016:

Symbol Instrument 30-05-16
$NIKKEI Nikkei 225 Index 00.05 – 20.00*
$S&P500 S&P 500 Index 00.05 – 20.00*
$NASDAQ Nasdaq 100 Index 00.05 – 20.00*
$DJIA Dow Jones Industrial Average Index 00.05 – 20.00*
$FTSE FTSE 100 Market Closed
XAUUSD Gold/US Dollar 01.00 – 20.00*
XAGUSD Silver/US Dollar 01.00 – 20.00*
XPDUSD Palladium/US Dollar 01.00 – 20.00*
XPTUSD Platinum/US Dollar 01.00 – 20.00*
WTI# WTI US Crude Oil - Spot 01.00 – 19.45*
GAS# Natural Gas - Spot 01.00 – 19.45*
BRENT# BRENT - Spot 03.00 – 19.45*
_AAPL Apple Computer Inc. Market Closed
_T AT&T Market Closed
_BA Boeing Company Market Closed
_BAC Bank of America Market Closed
_CAT Caterpillar Inc. Market Closed
_CSCO Cisco Sys Inc. Market Closed
_FB Facebook Market Closed
_GE General Electric Corporation Market Closed
_GOOG Google Inc. Market Closed
_IBM IBM Corporation Market Closed
_INTC Intel Corporation Market Closed
_KO Coca-Cola Company Market Closed
_MCD McDonald's Corporation Market Closed
_MSFT Microsoft Corporation Market Closed
_JPM JPMorgan Chase Co. Market Closed
_JNJ Johnson & Johnson Market Closed
_WU Western Union Co. Market Closed
_XOM Exxon Mobil Corporation Market Closed
_HPQ Hewlett-Packard Co. Market Closed
_CVX Chevron Corporation Market Closed
_PM Philip Morris International Inc Market Closed
_MCO Moody’s Corporation. Market Closed
_WMT Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Market Closed

* EET Time (GMT +2)

Please be aware of this information while arranging your trading operations.

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